Vineyards surrounding Lake Caldaro
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Relaxed vacation in nature


It is an extraordinary time and we want atapt to it, so that you can spend your vacation with us carefree and relaxed.

The fact that al of our apartements have  there own personal entrance outside offers the best conditions for starting a carefree holiday.
The apartements offer you enough space, both indoors and on the spacious terrace to relax and enjoy the unique view and recharge your batteries for everday life…..

We strictly adhere to the hygiene regulations of the international and local healf autorithies. Our cleaning team will ware gloves and mouth nose protection and use special cleaning agents when cleaning the apartements. Hygine and cleanliness in terms of desinfication is our top priority!
The laundry and tools are cleaned by the clenaer we trust.

It is our concern to guarante you a special and carefree holiday moment in our apartements!

We would be deligthed to welcome you to the Kalterersee soon, even if we don´t have e firm hand shake, but with a warm smile!